Twitter : réaliser un reporting et repérer les influenceurs avec Tweet Binder

Sur Internet, de nombreux outils permettent aux community managers de réaliser ses reportings. Certaines analyses sont récurrentes. On pense aux analyses mensuelles pour mesurer la portée de ses actions et l’évolution des performances dans le temps. Mais dans certains cas, une analyse plus ponctuelle s’impose, pour mesurer l’impact d’une campagne… Source:

Being a Better Online Reader – The New Yorker

Soon after Maryanne Wolf published “Proust and the Squid,” a history of the science and the development of the reading brain from antiquity to the twenty-first century, she began to receive letters from readers. Hundreds of them. While the backgrounds of the writers varied, a theme began to emerge: the more reading moved online, the less students seemed to understand. There were the architects who wrote to her about students who relied so heavily on ready digital information that they were unprepared to address basic problems onsite. There were the neurosurgeons who worried about the “cut-and-paste chart mentality” that their students exhibited, missing crucial details because they failed to delve deeply enough into any one case. And there were, of course, the English teachers who lamented that no one wanted to read Henry James anymore. As the letters continued to pour in, Wolf experienced a growing realization: in the seven years it had taken her to research and write her account, reading had changed profoundly—and the ramifications could be felt far beyond English departments and libraries. She called the rude awakening her “Rip van Winkle moment,” and decided that it was important enough to warrant another book. What was going on with these students and professionals? Was the digital format to blame for their superficial approaches, or was something else at work?


 La lecture sur un ecran de tablette ou liseuse vs un bouquin imprimé sur papier semble avoir un impact non négligeable sur la façon de lire et sur ce que l’on retient de sa lecture.

5 LinkedIn Social Selling Lessons

Aberdeen research states that 67% of sales teams that use social selling techniques achieve quota vs. 49% that do not – an impressive statistic. LinkedIn is one of the biggest tools in the social-selling tool box to help teams achieve this differential. Sometimes we just need to ‘think